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Introduction to the Library (Graphic and Information Center)


The library of GTU was established in 1986, and the new building (Graphic Information Center) was completed in November 2014. It has a comprehensive office, circulation department, subject service department, technical department, editing department, etc. The circulation department consists of three storerooms for books, four reading rooms and a self-study room. The subject service department consists of a textbook classroom and a reference room. The technical department consists of an electronic reading room, an autonomous learning center, an audio-visual center, a digital resource collection center, and a host room. In addition, a new multi-purpose room and a training room for personalized service are also set up.

The library has attached great importance to the collection of books and periodicals on tourism, and has purchased various relevant documents in a planned and focused manner. It also collects many types of professional collections such as humanities and social sciences, management science, economics, literature, and art. The types and quantity of tourism information resources are among the best in the national tourism universities. Over the past three years, the library has strengthened the construction of its databases, and has purchased large-scale databases of Chinese and foreign languages such as Web of Science (SSCI), Elsevier (SD), Emerald, EBSCO, CNKI, Weipu, Reading Show, Bai Chain Cloud. Relying on Chinese higher education literature, forming a system that combines paper resources and electronic resources, offline resources and online resources, providing a comprehensive information resource guarantee for the school.

In order to build the library into a modern document information service center with distinctive characteristics, the leaders and staff vigorously strengthen the information construction. The library is equipped with a multi-terminal multimedia information distribution system, which can immediately release news notifications and service information. At the same time, wireless network coverage is seamlessly connected with the wired network, providing readers with mobile library services such as online inquiry and reading anytime and anywhere. Besides, the video passenger flow statistics system can visually display the cumulative number of visitors, the number of people in the library, the borrowed data.

The library has a variety of modern services, providing readers with multi-type, multi-level services such as self-service lending, multimedia reading and self-learning, reference consulting, interlibrary loan, and document delivery. Readers can search the library's literature collection information, literature database and online resources through computers and mobile devices, and obtain collection information and reader activity information through various modern public platforms such as website, WeChat, and QQ.


As one of the members of the “Five Star Alliance” of Chinese tourism universities, the library of GTU cooperates with other“Five Star Alliance” libraries to build a database of tourism resources, provides in-depth services for tourism information resources, and shares graphic information.

     The library of GTU also cooperates with Guilin Library and libraries of other universities in Guilin to carry out document transmission and interlibrary loan, which opens up a larger space for resource sharing between GTU and the library community of Guilin.

     The library of GTU will adhere to the goal of "reader first, service first" to build a modern library, and strive to create a modern tourism information center with professional characteristics.