Campus culture

Campus culture


Built on the features of tourism colleges, GLTU has formed a distinctive cultural education model. With a focus on the integration of campus culture and splendid traditional culture, we have created a group of campus culture brands with distinctive characteristics of tourism colleges, such as Qixuan Yuefu, ceramic culture transmission, and red tourism culture inheritance; with a focus on the combination of campus culture and professional training, we have achieved one unique cultural activity for each school of GLTU; with a focus on the integration of campus culture and characteristic sports culture, we have developed special baseball and softball games that cultivate college students’ team spirit and help them build strong character. The baseball and softball teams have won 12 national championships and represented Guangxi for the 12th National Games. The ceramic culture transmission project won the first prize of Campus Culture Construction of Guangxi in 2014 and the Excellence Award in the eighth Campus Culture Construction of the Ministry of Education. The “Qixuan Yuefu” Project won the National University’s Outstanding Traditional Chinese Culture Award, representing a new breakthrough in campus culture development.

GLTU is actively involved in cultural inheritance and innovation of minority nationality. The “Qixuan Yuefu” formed in 2014 has integrated symphony performances of ethnic minorities such as Zhuang, Dong, Miao, Yao and Jing in Guangxi. It is a campus cultural brand featuring outstanding cultural traditions and distinctive artistic characteristics.


(The above picture shows the vice chairman of Guangxi Autonomous Region Li Kang visiting “Qixuan Yuefu” in 2014).

GLTU continues to invite renowned experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and celebrities at home and abroad to hold various cultural, political, and academic lectures, which provides a good platform for broadening the horizons of teachers and students.

(The photo above is Professor Yu Wei, Director of the Guangxi Political Consultative Conference, giving lectures on “Cultivating and Practicing the Core Values of Socialism and Concentrating on Chinese Dreams”.)

GLTU pays attention to the inheritance and promotion of Guangxi's national red culture. GLTU has held a series of red culture activities to help students improve their professional and humanistic qualities.

(The opening ceremony of the theme exhibition “Guangxi during the War of Resistance against Japan” and a speech made by Secretary of the Party Committee Lin Na at the opening ceremony.)


Above: Red Classic Musical Epic “Red Legends and Journeys” Exhibition

Above: “Reading Red Classics, Telling Red Stories and Passing the National Spirit” Poetry Recitation Competition


The “Ceramic Culture Communication” project integrates culture inheritance and innovation, student entrepreneurship, curriculum reform, and artistic activities. It is a beneficial exploration of promoting the fine traditional Chinese culture and practicing the socialist core values.

(The picture above shows the teacher of our university demonstrating the method of making pottery for teachers and students at Manchester City, United Kingdom.)

GLTU focuses on creating good academic atmosphere and guiding students to constantly improve themselves through extensive reading.

Above: The launching ceremony of the 8th Reading Month in Guilin was held

Above: The Poetic Recitation co-sponsored by GLTU, Guangxi Normal University Press, Guangxi Normal University Press Group Co., Ltd.

Picture above: Chinese Traditional Classic Reading

Featured Sports: Baseball and Softball

GLTU is committed to developing baseball and softball sports program to cultivate team spirit and tenacity of college students. The baseball team has won 12 national championships and participated in the 12th National Games on behalf of Guangxi. GLTU has successfully hosted the 2015 Little League Asia Pacific and Middle East Championship and other major events.

Above: Our university undertakes the 2015 Little League Asia Pacific and Middle East Championship 

Above: The 2015 Men's Baseball Team won the 11th Chinese College Baseball and Softball Finals 

Above: The 2015 Women's Softball Team won the 11th Chinese College Baseball and Softball Finals

GLTU stays committed to the seamless connection between the first classroom and after-class activities by creating a series of fine campus cultural activity brands, which further promotes the organic integration of campus culture and professional training.

School of Foreign Languages: Foreign Languages Drama Festival

The “Foreign Language Drama Festival” started in 1997 and is held every year in late May or early June. It has been successfully held 21 sessions and covers six languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean, and Thai. The drama performances have been shown at the major theaters of Guilin, Yangshuo Park and Guilin Tourism University.

In 2007, the “Foreign Language Drama Festival” was awarded “Excellent Achievement in the Construction of Campus Culture in Colleges and Universities in Guangxi”. The drama “A Million Pound” won the first prize in the first English drama festival finals in Guangxi. The drama “Snow in Summer” won the first prize in the fourth Guangxi college students’ English Drama Competition.


School of Culture and Communication: Red Tour Guide Competition

International Business School: Taobao Cultural Festival


School of Tourism, Leisure and Management: Etiquette Contest


School of Hotel Management: Competition on Hotel Service Skills


School of Art and Design: Creative Market


School of Tourism Transport Operations and Services: "Crew Star" Contest


School of International Hotel Management: "GL Cup" Hotel Catering Knowledge Contest


School of International Education Exchange: International Cultural Week

Rich campus activities


Sports Meeting


Cheerleading Tournament

Speech Contest on “a Horse Stepping on a Swallow”


Job Seeking Contest



May 4th Commendation Party on the theme of "staying true to our founding mission" in 2018


Summer Rhyme Campus Singer Contest