GLTU at a Glance

GLTU at a Glance


GLTU  at  a  Glance 

The history of Guilin Tourism University (GLTU) can be traced back to the founding of Guilin Institute of Tourism (GLIT) in 1985. Approved by the State Ministry of Education to upgrade into Guilin Tourism University in 2015, GLTU has now become one of the two prestigious tourism universities in China, member of the “China Union of Five Tourism Institutes”, Excellent Partner of Training Senior Tourism Personnel of Asian Development Bank (ADB), affiliate member of UNWTO since 2005 and member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). Considering its status, the National Tourism Administration (NTA) has authorized GLTU to be the Guangxi Centre of Educating and Training Tourism Professionals from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). GLTU is also the co-founder of China-ASEAN Tourism Education Alliance (CATEA).

Located in Guilin, known for its “finest scenery under heaven” and divided into two campuses: the (uptown) one in Yanshan District, Guilin as the main campus and Canluan (downtown) Campus in Qixing District, Guilin for continuing education, currently GLTU covers a total area of 125 hectares with over 11,900 registered students living and studying here. The educational philosophy has been to procure the needs of the tourism industry with the motto “Learning by doing”.

Market-oriented university governance

The school established a board committee jointly attended by professors, government officials and experts from enterprises and industries. In order to bring our students one step closer to their future careers, GLTU focuses on upholding an integration of production & education, a collaboration of enterprises & university, and a coordination of schooling & social upbringing. Here at GLTU, we are working closely and consistently with, at home and abroad, over 160 renowned companies such as Hilton International (HI), and offer 19 undergraduate programs and 36 vocational programs to cultivate tourism professionals for all walks of the booming industry.

GLTU now owns a faculty of 601 full-time teachers, 34% of which are full and associate professors. 47% teachers have furthered studies in leading universities abroad; More than half had rich working experiences and qualifications of another sector. The school continues to invite well-famed scholars, professionals and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to serve as guest lecturers.

Employment here in GLTU outpaces its counterparts in terms of rate and quality. Over the decades, there have been more than 1,000 students who went to countries such as the US, the UAE, Canada, Japan, France etc. to work for full-time or internship. Fruitful achievements have also been made by our students in various contests at all levels.

In recent years, the school has conducted more than 140 academic projects at regional and state levels, and drawn up some 100 tourism standards and regulations for over 20 cities and counties. Tourism Forum, the academic journal of GLTU, is a major stage for tourism studies, which has been awarded the Top 10 Journals of Higher Education in Guangxi and the 2012 Chinese Excellent Academic Journal with Global Influence.

Extensive international exchanges & collaborations

GLTU has established active partnerships in training of faculty and tourism personnel with international organizations, including the UNWTO and the PATA, and over 20 overseas universities, such as EHL and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. GLTU is one of the eight global institutions that have received academic accreditation from EHL. The then Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets and the Secretary General of the UNWTO once visited GLTU and delivered speeches. On his visit to GLTU, the then Secretary General of UNWTO Taleb Rifai remarked: “The collaboration with GLTU has set the example for the UNWTO to carry out cooperation in related fields and is worthy of being promoted to the world.”

GLTU has held 29 seminars for senior tourism management professionals from countries like Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia with the resources of China-ASEAN Education and Training Base for tourism talents, ADB’s Excellent Partner of Training Senior Tourism Personnel, the first designated test institution established by National Tourism Administration (NTA) in southwest China for general manager and department manager in hotels and travel agencies, the base for continuing education and professional qualification appraisal for professional and technical personnel at regional level. As the only domestic tourism university entrusted by the China-ASEAN Center, GLTU has sent teachers to Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, Laos, and Malaysia to conduct tourism training for many years. Over the years, more than 60,000 tourism personnel have been trained from various provinces and cities across the country.

Rich campus culture

At GLTU, we integrate tourism education into campus culture, forming a distinctive cultural education model. We have held “Foreign Language Drama Festival”, “Tour Guide Contest”, “Tourism Etiquette Competition”, “GLTU Forum”, “Qixuan Yuefu” and other cultural activities. The baseball and softball team has won 12 national championships.

At the moment, we follow the deployment of the country and the autonomous region and stay committed to building a prestigious university with distinctive features and cultivating individuals with outstanding talent for tourism. We work to carry out the spirit of the important speech delivered by Vice Premier Liu Yandong as a way to foster applied and skilled talents for tourism and regional economy. We also seek to emerge as a world-leading application-oriented tourism university in China and keep scaling new heights in tourism education.